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Issue With Last Update 115


Hello ..

3 Day ago i update my bios for (Intel Motherboard DH61WW) And after updating everything work well i rest my computer everything well but when i shut down it my comp mouse & keyboard STOP WORKING even in bios i cant enter bios or even windows ...


I try 2 clear COMS N Remove battery Still same work after turn off and open it stop working again ...


It Makes Me Crazy i try 2 search for USB keyboard on Bios but Nothing ...


BTW Fast Boot R Disabled ...


N USB Legacy Enable i Even Try 2 Disable It But Nothing Still Same


Plllllz Help ...

BTW Now Im Working With Bios 113 I Downgrade it And its Working Fine 100% But i Want The Latest Update ...

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Could you please use the Intel® System Identification Utility using the following site?

That will generate an 8 digits code called Report Reference ID. Please let us have that code, this will provide us information on what is being detected on your system.

In addition please fill in the following information:

-AA number and Serial number of the motherboard:

-Processor model:

-Memory manufacturer and part number:

-Wattage and model of the power supply installed:

-Which USB device is being used?



I same problem after update 115 , my usb port cannot use , need switch off power supply and on if can




We are working on a new BIOS in order to fix this issue. In the mean time I recommend you to roll back to BIOS version 0113.

I will let you know when this new version will be available.




The new BIOS version 0116 is now available under the following link.

This link belongs to the DH61BE motherboard; however it is valid for the boards below.

Intel® Desktop Board DH61BE

Intel® Desktop Board DH61CR

Intel® Desktop Board DH61DL

Intel® Desktop Board DH61SA

Intel® Desktop Board DH61WW

Intel® Desktop Board DH61ZE

  • Fixed issue where SATA3 ports are unstable for operating system installation.
  • Fixed issue where USB ports randomly fail.
  • Fixed issue where PS/2 keyboard LED does not turn off when system is off.
  • Fixed issue where PCIe slot 2 loses functionality when LAN is disabled. PCIe Slot 3 can be selected when inserting device into PCIe slot 2.
  • Fixed issue where PS/2 devices still work in the operating system when the PS/2 port is disabled in BIOS.

If your system's current BIOS version is 0048 or earlier, you must first update to version 0099 before updating to 0109 or later.

BIOS version 0099 added support for Microsoft Windows 8*. Due to structural changes in this BIOS version, once a board has been converted to this version or later, it will no longer be possible to downgrade the BIOS to version 0048 or earlier. Attempting a BIOS downgrade to a previous version may fail – the board BIOS will remain at its current version.



Estrictamente estos son los pasos a seguir:

1- Descargue el .bio cualquier versión superior a la 0099 y cópiela en el directorio raíz de una memoria usb

2- Apague el Pc y desconecte el cable de AC

3- Retire el jumper de BIOS, de color amarillo, generalmente cerca de los puertos SATA.

4- Conecte la memoria USB en un puerto que funcione correctamente

5- Retire la bateria

6- Conecte el cable de AC y presione el botón de encendido

7- Espere de 2 a 5 minutos la actualización. Una buena señal de que corre el proceso es que vera video en pantalla, pero si no sale nada verifique que ha puesto el archivo .BIO en el directorio raiz de su memoria usb y repita el proceso, en las instrucciones de intel no hacen enfasis en este procedimiento y por ello muchos piensan que no funciona.

8- Espere que reinicie el PC, ingrese al BIOS y vaya a las opciones de inicio o BOOT y predetermine el inicio con el Disco Duro, de otra manera puede obtener mensaje al iniciar de que inserte el dispositivo de inicio. Salga del BIOS y guarde los cambios

9- Reinicie el PC