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Issue booting with Gigabyte Radeon HD7950

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I have a DX79SI which has worked perfectly thus far with my Zotac GTX 570. I got a Gigabyte 7950 and after I physically installed it, I can get past the initial BIOS boot but can't get to the Windows load screen. I do get an error at the bottom right hand part of the screen which is 0_ . Is there a possibly known issue/fix for the DX79SI and HD 7950?

I have updated the DX79SI to version 0559, downloaded and installed the most current Gigabyte drivers for the HD 7950 and still won't boot.

My system:

Windows 7 64-bit Professiona950l

Intel DX79SI system board

Intel i7-3930K Proc

32GB of RAM

750W power supply

Zotac GTX 570 (works)

Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 (want to work)

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We would like to inform you this is a compatibility issue with this specific graphics card and the troubleshooting we offered is limited, we apologize. Make sure you have the latest drivers and firmware update for the card. As long as the board is working with a different card, we can assume the board is working fine. Intel will stand behind its products but we cannot guarantee compatibility with any and every other product available on the market. Thank you for your understanding.