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Issue with Intel DX58SO motherboard

Namaste ! I am a big fan of Intel products and really like them. I had purchased an Intel DX58SO motherboard with Intel i7 920 2.6 GHz processor a while back.

However, I started experiencing problems with it and got it replaced. To add to my woes, the replaced motherboard has a number of issues :-

1) In the top left hand corner of the motherboard, the blue semiconductor pin is broken which I noticed when I assembled it back in the cabinet.

2) The paint of the heat sink has come off

3) The INTEL logo from the heat sink is MISSING

4) The serial no. logo was a bit TORN OUT of the motherboard and not stuck nicely

5) The point of origin of INCREASING BEEPING sound is located near the blue light and INCREASES in idle state and shutting down. (Please make a note that it has been increasing PROGRESSIVELY day by day)

Please help me as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Our recommendation is contacting your local support in order to obtain further assistance on your inquiry. You might have received a refurbished working motherboard with cosmetic defects and that will not affect performance that is the reason why it shows like that. Regarding the beeping sound, test the system out of the chassis over a non static surface on a minimal configuration to narrow the issue.

Community Manager

Dear Dan,

Thank you very much for your reply. I will definitely do so and inform you if I encounter any problems regarding this in future.

Dr. Karun Kumar