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Long waiting time POST with DH61BE and SSD Intel series 330

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Hi, recently I've assembled two PC's with Intel DH61BE and two hard drives, a 60 GB Intel series 330 to host OS and a 500 GB WD Caviar Green to storage data.

Both them take a long time to boot, even pressing F2, I have to wait more than 30 secs. In other PCs I've assembled SSDs like OCZ Vertex 3 and motherboards, as Intel DH77KC, with no issues at all. Besides, both PCs have i5-2320, so latest BIOS (46) only makes things worse.

I keep on waiting a new BIOS update, but I'm afraid Intel is going to left us hanged... It's really disappointing to see number 1 CPU manufacturers, making these bungling.

Thank you.

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Hello Harverto,

- We recommend testing the motherboard out of the chassis on a minimal configuration, no peripherals attached to ensure what component exactly is causing the delay.

- Ensure you have followed a clean installation of the Operating System using the latest drivers from our website.

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The same problem. DH77KC (last bios), Intel SSD 520 on SATA3 (last firmware). >30 seconds before realy booting started - HDD led blinking, but title INTEL logo with F1, F2 and F10 descriptions are shown. Sometimes the screen flashes and it is waiting for another 30s. Press F2, F10 and still waiting. After 30s period it boot normaly or skip to BIOS or boot settings (when i prees F10 or F2 key)

Now I don't turn off the PC with shutdown, but with sleep.