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Lost data on primary drive when changing SATA configuration in BIOS to RAID (from AHCI)


a I have done the mistake of changing the SATA Configuration in BIOS to RAID. I had a perfectly working Windows 7 Ultimate environment (running on 3TB disk - GPT partitioned into 1TB and 2TB space) on a custom built machine (ASUS RAMPAGE IV EXTREMRE motherboard with Intel 3960K I7 processor, 32 GB RAM). Added 2 3TB disks and thought of doing RAID 1. It warned that OS reinstall will be needed and I thought that it was for the two new 3TB disks. Anyways, I rebooted and Intel RAID configuration menu came up asking me to choose the type of RAID configuration and disks. I chose the two news 3TB drives as member and the existing drive as non-member. Now it rebooted and asked me to insert the Windows OS CD. Since I could not locate the installation disks unfortunately, I decided to do that later. I went back into BIOS and changed the SATA configuration to AHCI. But to my surprise, I could not go back to original configuration and now I can not access my drive. It is not recognizing the drive any more...seems like my process did something and I lost everything. Is there any hope of recovery ? I had some important stuff that I did not take the backup off.

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I truly understand your situation, AnilBostonian, but I'm afraid Intel® Rapid Storage Technology does not offer any kind of recovery options. I would recommend you to take your hard drive to a Data recovery center.

You can also search on Google for "data recovery software". I found this one We haven't used it, but you can try it.

I really hope you can recover all your data.



It probably messed up with your MBR and such, but I don't see how you would have lost all your data with two boots.

You should be able to plugging your drive in another machine to get your data. But OS re-install on the Rampage is gonna be necessary.

Also check out the win-raid forums, they very knowledgeable on the matter..