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M-board BLKDH77EB doesn't recognize graphic card GeForce GT 630



I recently bought new motherboard "Intel BLKDH77EB", everything seems working fine except graphics card "Nvidia GeForce GT 630" ( GeForce GT 630 - Graphic solutions GeForce & Radeon). Problem - video card is not recognized by the BIOS or PCIe x16 slot, or PCIe slot doesn't work correctly in some way. Video card is connected and receiving power supply - at least video card fan spins, but no video signal comes out from any video card outputs: DVI: 1x Dual-Link DVI-I nor VGA. I tried to install Nvidia video card driver, but in installation process I got wizard message: no compatible video card found.

Also the video part (tab) in the BIOS shows info: PCIe x16 slot not populated while video card was inserted. Right now BIOS is as it was, no any updates except those which was in motherboard accompanying CD in package. Onboard integrated video works normally.

The video card worked normally in two another systems. Also I don't have any other (non Nvida) video card to test whether this PCIe slot works at all.

Information about my computer main units (they all are new and unused):

Motherboard: Intel BLKDH77EB

CPU: Intel BX80637I33220

RAM: Kingston KVR16N11S8/4

Power Supply: Xilence SPS-XP350

I hope for some solution, please let me know if You need any other information.

with best wishes.

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You may need to test the video card again in another system to see if the video card is still functional (in case it was stored after being removed from the other systems you mentioned).

Additionally, be sure to be using the latest BIOS for that motherboard posted at:

Download Center

Also update the firmware of that video card (to do this, check directly with the respective video card manufacturer)

Furthermore, another power supply may be tested. The minimum recommended for this motherboard is 460W and you ar using a 350 W power supply, this may be related to lack of power resources. This is stated on the page 60 of the technical product specification (TPS) posted here: Intel� Desktop Board DH77EB — Technical product specification


1. The video card is almost new (some month old) and functional (tested it again for shore) and there is no firmware available for this video card.

2. Recommendation to change power supply is meaningless in this case because this video card uses max 65W, CPU uses max 55 W, RAM uses max 3 W, HDD uses max 7W. Lets sum it and we have 130 W consumption on all system what means we still have 220W (with 350W power supply) to run all coolers, USB ports, leds, and other peripherals and the same motherboard itself. If we are going to follow all recommendations from all manufacturers on recommended power supply, we are going to need our own power plant to run system as "manufacturer intended " .

3. I manage to get another video card ATI Radeon Gigabyte ( ATI Radeon X700). I put it in PCIe slot and this card worked with no problem in motherboard Intel BLKDH77EB.

4. I removed Radeon and put back in GeForce once more and there comes unexplained happening - video card was recognized and worked normally without any BIOS updates, another power supply and any other changes. So it seems as Radeon somehow activated this PCIe slot.

5. To be shore I updated BIOS (to update BIOS was another pain in a...) and video card still worked, so seems there shall be no problems.

Well I guess (hope) that this was some random error, however I found some other topics about Intel m-boards which doesn't recognize exactly Nvidia cards, maybe manufacturer should pay attention to this.