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MB Intel DG45ID - factoryBIOS reset


Dear Intel,

being your loyal customer for many years I come to you for the support for the first time.

Last weekend I have tried to install video card into my old and well running MB Intel DG45ID. This computer was working well without any video card for quite some time already.

During the installation MB didn't want to recognize it and was permanently felling back to built-in video adapter. Video card: ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC 2GB DDR5.

By training to change the order how system selects video adapters in BIOS, MB ended up with no any video signal coming from the system at all.

Any try to reset bios using "magic" jumper on the MB (as it is described in the product guide) did not give any result.

Is the any way to reset BIOS to its initial factory status/settings?

I would appreciate your support,


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Hello Andrey,

In order to reset the BIOS settings to default, it will be necessary to update the BIOS or reinstall the current BIOS version.

Do you remember which BIOS version do you have installed on your motherboard?

I would like to flash the BIOS to the same version or at least 1 version newer.


Hello Sylvia,

last system information file from windows shows me this information:

BIOS Version/DateIntel Corp. IDG4510H.86A.0113.2009.0804.1430, 8/4/2009

Can you help me to understand, how can I flash the BIOS if system does not show me anything on the screen and it looks like not really booting?



Andrey, there are 5 newer BIOS versions available for this board.

I would recommend you to install the next version 117 Intel® Download Center

Since you have no video, we would need to try a the BIOS recovery method and wait for a few minutes to see if anything comes up after the installation on the back of the system.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Download the BIOS version from .BIO file Intel® Download Center
  2. Save the file on an empty flash drive.
  3. Shutdown the system.
  4. Remove the BIOS jumper. The system will take you to the BIOS page automatically
  5. Then the system is going to start the installation of the BIOS... takes 3-5 minutes
  6. Do not interrupt the process because it could damage the board.
  7. Once the BIOS had being updated the system will give you a message that it was complete. Since there is no video, we will need to calculate. Please give it around 15 minutes.
  8. Shut down the system in order to place the BIOS jumper again on position 1 and 2.
  9. Turn on the system and check if there is video again.
  10. If it does have video, please press F2 to go to the BIOS and check if the BIOS was updated.
  11. Then your system is ready