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Mainboard Software aktualisieren



Ich hab nur eine Nachfrage bevor ich die Software auf dem Laptop aktualisiere !

Mir wurde über eine Mail mitgeteilt das ich meine Mainboard Software unter aktualisieren soll.

Nun komme ich zu Schritt 3 , dort Starten sie die Intel Treiberaktualisierungs-Software um die aktuellen Treiber zu finden !

Jetzt meine eigentliche Frage:

Im Schritt 1 hab ich den Intel Installer herunter geladen, nun im Schritt 3 wird das nun alles automatisch aktualisiert oder muss ich da erst das richtige Mainboard suchen und dann den richtigen Treiber auswählen ?

Es geht darum das Hardware sicher entfernen nicht mehr angezeigt wird und ich deshalb diese oben genannte Aktualisierung durchführen soll. Intel® TreiberaktualisierungsIntel-Software

Gruß Ludwig

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I personally find the Intel Driver Update Utility to be useless. It simply has too many issues and bugs that get in the way.

More importantly, however, you are supposed to be downloading the drivers for your laptop from the laptop manufacturer's website (not from Intel's website). While it is true that there are drivers (from Intel) that you could use, you need to be careful that these drivers do not conflict with custom versions created and released by your manufacturer.


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N. Scott Pearson, thanks for your assistance.



To: ludwighe



Hello ludwighe,



As Scott mentioned, we do not recommend you to use the Driver Update Utility. This is due that the Driver Update Utility is created to work better with Intel products as NUCs or Compute Sticks.



Also, in regard to your drivers, Intel recommends you to install at first the drivers provided by the manufacturer(OEM) of your equipment.



The OEM drivers are created to be compatible with all the settings, and the set of instruction of your computer (More specific, Chipset). They are specially designed to avoid any issue with your system and improve its performance.



Please let me know how it goes in order to further assist you if required.



Best regards,


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Hello ludwighe,



I would like to know if the information provided to you was able to solve your concern?



In case if you need further assistance do not hesitate to reply back.



I am looking forward to hearing from you.