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Marvell 61xx and win8


I upgraded one of 3 identical intel mombos each with marvel 88se61xx chipset to win8.1 and the system will not boot into windows with any drive attached to the marvel blue or any array or even a single drive to the marvel red SATA connector. Previously all 3 systems worked fine with stardom JBOD enclosures and the port multiplier capability of the marvel. Driver for win7x64 is and that one is used and recognized by win8 as the "best" driver. The Microsoft IT forum has a post about a but there were complaints it didn't work with win7 so it seems to have been withdrawn by Microsoft.

If anyone knows where that 8xxx driver is I can try it else I will revert back to win7x64

Do want to point out that the 7103 driver from the d975xbx2 driver collection works fine with port multipliers and passes S.M.A.R.T data into windows 7x64. Maybe some intern can look into the problem with win8 not booting with any drive attached.

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I am sorry to hear that have had issues with your motherboard model D975XBX2.

Please bear in mind your motherboard model was not designed for your operating system version.

See details of supported operating systems here:


In addition to that, I would recommend checking with Microsoft if you are looking for different driver versions.





I understand, that this thread is ancient and likely no longer of any relevance to jstateson.

For reference though (and for future users finding this via a search engine, like me), here is the latest Marvell 88SE61xx driver, served directly from my home server: Marvell Windows driver for x86 and x64 architectures (Supports 88SE6111, 88SE6121, 88SE6122)

If you do not trust me as a source (which would be understandable) or if my server ever disappears from the web, please just search the web for the version, you should be able to find several sources, at least as of now. Note that I have not tested these under Windows 8.1, but to my knowledge they're the latest you can find. This driver has been released by Marvell on May 23rd/24th 2012 according to mv61xx.inf and the file time stamps. A shame that Marvell only releases to manufacturers/OEMs and not publicly.