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Matrix RAID DP55WB Striped read very slow in Windows XP

DP55WB / 2 x 2 GB DDR 1333 / Core i7-860 / 320 GB HDD for OS / 2 X 500 GB SATA WD RAID Edition ( YS Series ) for video data

OS : Windows XP with SP3 and all online updates , mbd BIOS & all Drivers are updated as of 25/12/2009

The 320 GB is non RAID , the 2 X 500 GB drives are configured as striped RAID

The drive benchmarks show no improvement in speed on the RAID volume

tried all stripe sizes .. write cache enabled as well : no change in performance

same setup on an earlier setup : X38 mbd did show double the speed on the striped volume

Any Clues .. I suspect the RAID Driver for XP ?

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