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Motherboard Intel DH61WW replacement



I have been looking for Motherboard Intel DH61WW but it seems "unavailable or We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.", this is what the shopping website (Amazon and so forth) tell me about this product. This board is excellent and we are using because the ports but now we need to buy more, however there is no stock.

So can you tell me about other alternative o another motherboard like DH61WW? surfing the Amazon site and seeing the specs the Intel features I found the motherboard DH61CRB3 (Intel H61 Micro ATX DDR3 1333 Motherboard (BOXDH61CRB3), would it be right this choice? the processor to install is Intel Core i3-3245 3.40GHz 2 LGA 1155 Processor BX80637I33245, is it correct? the ram memory Kingston ValueRAM 2GB DDR3 1333MHz DIMM Desktop Memory (KVR1333D3S8N9/2G). I give the details on the parts mentioned above because we dont want any problem with compatibility or functioning.

What do you think? is there any replacement similar to board Intel DH61WW? or, are the other board and parts for it right? I need your help.

Thanks in advance

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Intel has not made desktop boards for five years,

Your board is seven years old. Intel® Desktop Board DH61WW Product Specifications

It is not supported.

You will have to search that auction site, or look for something compatible on a retail site, like, for example.

My opinion? Do not try to salvage components from this board. Get yourself a new/current product, with new memory, processor, fan, etc and move into the present.


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al.hill - Gee Doc, it is not like you to forget to mention that Windows 10 is not supported on 6 Series and earlier boards. I would add that some features on 7 Series boards, like RST/RSTe, are not supported on Windows 10 either.

jvcanon - Is there some particular reason why you want to stick with this old board? Do you , for example, have software that will not run on newer boards or newer Windows versions?


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I was saving that for a future post