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Motherboard VR & CPU LED issue

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My Desktop Spec

1) intel workstation motherboard wx58bp


2) Intel 3.06 GHz LGA 1366 Core i7-950 Processor


3) Radeon 5770 series graphic card.

When I power on my desktop, the VR & CPU LED blinks Red once together and no POST occurs even no light on keyboard and no display. However my processor and

graphics card fan are rotating.

I replace my Power supply unit no luck, not sure VR & CPU LED blinks Red once i have ni idea about both LED.Please suggest me on how to proceed.

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The possible reason may be incorrectly installed memory, for example, do not fully plugged in memory module. Otherwise, try to clear CMOS settings (by jumper on MB or by pulling of MB battery for a minute).

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Thanks for the above response, I tried to remove all my memory module and ran with a single 2GB stick still same issue.

I removed battery and cleared CMOS setting still no luck

same VR & CPU LED blinks Red once together when i power on my desktop