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Motherboard is compatible with Windows 10?


Hi, sorry for my bad english.


I have a DH61SA motherboard, and I have been suffering problems with the network connection. Every time I turn on the computer connection is disconnected, it is corrected after the restart of the machine. I will in the intel site and see that only provide drivers for W8.1, and then I came to doubt whether compatibility issue with my motherboard.

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There are newer versions of the LAN drivers that you can try. They are not formally supported for your board not because they won't work but because Intel, having exited from the Desktop Boards business, no longer have a team in place to validate these drivers and will not warrant them to work without this validation. As a result, the downloads page for your board points to the last version of the drivers that was formally validated. If you want to try the newer drivers, here is a link to the download page for the latest version: Download LAN: Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Controller driver. Understand that you will be doing so at your own risk...