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Motherboards Intel DH55HC

Buenas aparentemente mi placa madre DH55HC, Ingreso normal a la bios, pero cuando quiero instalar windows, 7, 8, 10, no me permite instalar, en windows 10 se queda en el logo, y a los 5 minutos se reinicia, solo una consulta esto es problema del bios, o hardware, porque cuando instaló mis DVD en otra pc funciona con normalidad, solicito ayuda
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Do the following:

  1. On another PC, create a Windows 10 installation (USB flash) drive. Use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, downloaded from here:
  2. Power on the DH55HC board. At the BIOS Splash (Logo) screen, use the F2 key to enter BIOS Setup.
  3. Use the F9 key (followed by the Y key) to reset the BIOS configuration to defaults.
  4. In the Boot parameters, enable EFI Boot (or UEFI Boot, whichever is listed).
  5. Use F10 key (followed by Y key) to save the configuration and exit BIOS Setup.
  6. At the BIOS Splash (Logo) screen, use F10 key to bring up Boot Selection dialog.
  7. Select the USB flash drive.
  8. When the Windows installer get to the scene where you select the driver to install to, delete *all* partitions on the System drive.
  9. Select the Unallocated Space entry for the system drive and press the Next button.

Hope this helps,