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NUC D53427RKE stop working



I got a D53427RKE recently.

Worked great for my project for almost two months.

Yesterday I decided to connect a second monitor to the mini display port.

Mail display was connected to hdmi port.

As soon I pluged the adapter to the wall, it simply blew up (kaputt)

Quickly I got another adapter and sadly found out that the NUC board was broken.

The power input shows a shortcut when I test it with a tester.

Would like to know if there is any way to repair it.

I, already, bought another exact NUC board, but also want to know if someone can give any clue of what happend (dont want to repeat the scene)

Thanks a lot

Edy Weber

buenos aires, Argentina

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A short indicates you've likely fried one or more components on the board. It may be possible to visually identify which component(s) are fried (it's usually obvious!) and have them replaced, but this takes a real expert and there may be more subtle damage downstream of these component(s) that will plague you. As for why the surge occurred, there are many possibilities (and not enough information for us to identify anything specific). If nothing else, I would be especially careful connecting this second monitor to the new system; the DP cable - or DP-to-HDMI adapter, if you used one (I have seen cheap ones cause problems before!) - may be responsible. Is the damaged unit still within its warranty period? If it is, Intel will replace it. Contact Intel by phone to discuss this (for information regarding local number to call, check here: Contact Support)...



Thanks a lot Scott.

I dont see any fisical damage to any component of the board. For what you say, probably the problem was generated by the adapters. I used a cheap hdmi to vga adapter, which worked perfect for almost 2 months, then I add the 2nd monitor with a apple official mini DP to VGA adapter, and the NUC broke.

Gonna try with intel..

thanks again.



Hello, Edyweber:

Thank you for Scott for the useful information provided.

If you require any further information or support, feel free to contact the Intel Communities back.


Esteban C