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Need Raid help on Server board s5000psl

Community Manager

The cmos got reset.

I have the SATA as RAID configured.

I have 2 seagate 320 GB SATA hard drive on port 1 & 2.

I press CTRL E


but no choices for RAID O or 1

and no logical drives are created.

I have been on Intels web site for 2 hours. The PDF that was linked to this board is not correct and have lost any hope of ever finding help on intel's product web site.

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Hi there,

I will explain to you how to configure a RAID 0/1 on the Embedded RAID II Configuration Utility.

Please make sure that you have the latest bios version V96

After bios update, make sure the SATA drive are configured as RAID, as it will be set back to IDE after the update.

And if you are using a SATA CD Drive, connect it to the last SATA port on the board.

Press Ctrl + E to go onto the RAID Bios Oprom.

Management Menu >> Configure >> Press enter to Select this Option

Configuration Menu >> New Configuration >> Press enter to Select this Option



Yes >> Press enter to Select this Option

New Configuration from Array Selection Menu




0 - Ready - Press Space to Select this drive - It will change to Online Axx-xx


1 - Ready - Press Space to Select this drive - It will change to Online Axx-xx

Then Press F10 to configure the RAID


Then Press Space to Select the Configurable Array (It will show Span -X)


Then press F10 again to configure it

Choose the RAID level for this Virtual Drive


Select the RAID 0/1/5


Press enter to choose the appropriate settings


Accept and Press enter to save COnfiguration


Select Yes to continue

Press F3 to view your Virtual Drive configuration

Then if everything is fine, go to Initialise


Press Space to Select the VD


Press F10 to initialise it (Note this process will erase everything on the drive)

Save and Exit.

Make sure you slipstreamed the raid F6 driver if you are using Windows XP/2003 etc if Windows vista/2008/7, download the driver onto a USB and load the driver.

Note: when installing an OS, it will boot onto the bootable OS CD, later it imay ask you for a cd driver, this will be the F6 driver for the controller as the SATA CD drive is part of the hardware on the Array Selection Menu.

F6 Driver:

Hope this helps a bit now.

Kind Regards,



alternatively you can use the demo from the intel support site: