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Need driver for PCI Simple Communication Controller


I've been looking everywhere for the driver for my PCI Simple Communication Controller, but I can't find it anywhere.

The information on it is:


Any help would be massively appreciated!



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Eric, the information given by Doc is correct.



Thank you so much! People like you are the reason why I love this forum


WAIT! It's been 2 and a half YEARS and the Question is still classified as "Not Answered"?

(Which is true by observation).

And then, you end up thanking the lone responder? For WHAT?

Apparently "sylvia-intel" knows you by your real name, knows who you are, and you both know who "Doc" is.

But no posts here answering the question have been made by anyone.

And now I have the same problem on my NUC5i7RYH and get no good at all from these posts.


Where do I get information on the "PCI Simple Communications Controller" on my NUC?

Or the "SM Bus Controller"?

I've been repeatedly getting ALL of the latest drivers from Intel's site. But when I select the folders

I placed those drivers in, the "Update Driver" function finds nothing, unlike for almost every other

driver for the NUC. Device Manager offers me no clue what these "Devices" are.

What even IS the PCI Simple Communications Controller's function?? I know exactly what the

PCI bus is, more than most about how it works, and not a clue about this.

Or the SM Bus Controller: meaning "System Management" Bus???

Will anyone even see this before another 2 years has passed?

Are the two other people on this question's post even still alive?

And why not let the rest of the readers in on the secret fix??

Super User

The reason you do not see my reply is because of an issue that the Intel forum management is attempting to correct.

So, there is no secret fix. All you need to do is install the intel Management Engine Interface and the issue is fixed.

The download file is: Download Intel® ME 11: Management Engine Driver (1.5M) for Intel® NUC

Also, you can find all of the downloads for your nuc here: Drivers & Software



Thank you "Doc"!

After I left my reply last night, I went back to research

h t t p s : / /

And found many results of Intel Management Engines for the Intel NUC. When I selected one to look at it, I saw it mentions the PCI... problem

explicitly in the description. That's cool!

I also reran the "search" I performed last May when I first got my NUC running (I installed one of my few unused Retail W7Pro 2-disk packages,

choosing 64 bit). Searching for drivers by Product for my model NUC, +OS, currently brings up the same ME as the one I downloaded and

did not install last May.

I am still unsure about installing it: I have a phobia (irrational fear) of Management Engine kinds of things that add a bunch of activity that I don't fully,

or at least partially, understand. And, since I don't see any problem accompanying the /!\ in DevMgmt, I'm 50/50 until I can figure out what other

kinds of things the ME does. I do understand that not seeing any problem does not mean one isn't present or waiting for my next "flash of brilliance" for using the NUC.

After I examined my many search results for "ME", it begged other questions with respect to their designations and the terminology,

so I just posted a new one question 369696 on this forum. I think you can help with it and I really hope you do. Especially since you recommended an ME that is

different from the one the database search gets when I search by product and OS.

Someone else recently posted 365036 if you want to add to allan_intel's reply, but they aren't running an Intel machine with a basically embedded CPU

like the NUC.

But again, thank you very much for getting right back to me and also convincing me that you, at least, are still alive and kicking.

That was very nice of you. Also, for the direct contact.

PS: Now I've turned into a NUC "evangelist": not "Look what I have" but,

"Wow, look at this thing! You should think about getting one"!