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Need help updating old DG41TY BIOS


I want to add a gt710 or 1030 video card to my intel mother board but i have the original bios on a Intel DG41TY mother board , the bios files are no longer available,but i was able to find  some on another site but not sure if they correct and if any are missing in between the first update to the last update files. I  currently have bios ver. TGY4110H.86A.0031.2009.0626.1405,can someone tell me all the bios versions after my original version, also if any body can post them for me to download or where i might be able to find them the sight i found seems to be missing some of the updates .I also tried to add a q6600 CPU a while ago and it would not work had to reinstall the E8700 CPU.

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These are the bios updates i have been able to find online ,are these all the files or am i missing some in between, from what i have read i should not skip over directly to the last update. ,, ,