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New BIOS 1143 on DQ35MP: river of no return?

Dears, After upgrade BIOS on DQ35MP to latest 1143 I now can't set DHCP mode OFF on Management Engine setting in Small Business provisioning model. AMT is working OK, if can pull settings from DHCP server. But in destined network segment for this computer I HAVE NOT dhcp server. Before bios upgrade, AMT ME was working. I tried downgrade BIOS, but AMT firmware flashing phase ends with error. I can upgrade bios succesfully only to this latest version. There is no newer bios for this MB, so my MB is now unusable for me, because I can not use remote management now. Anyone know, how to workaround this deadlock? Maybe there is magic ip/mask/gate/dns setting, which will be accepted with DHCP OFF? Regards

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