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New build BIOS reflash?


Hello All,

I'm new to this forum and also to P/C building. I've got several questions regarding my MB/CPU. As part of my first build I have a new ASUS Z87 Pro and an i5 4590 CPU. On the MB itself there is a paper sticker that reads among other things, 1707. I interpret this as the current BIOS version. On the MB box product label there is affixed a separate sticker (small) that reads 1802 in bold font.

Do you think the paper sticker on the MB indicates my BIOS started out as version 1707? And, do you think that the sticker on the product label indicates the BIOS has been reflashed to version 1802 prior to sale?

Finally, if the BIOS version is in fact 1802, will I need to reflash to something higher before using the i5 4590 CPU? I'd rather not if I don't need to. I am confused about the 1802 BIOS because on the ASUS support page for my CPU it states to reflash if the version is smaller than 1802 and not to reflash if the version is greater than 1802 but makes no mention about what to do if the version is 1802. Probably some dumb questions here but I have to start somewhere right?

Thanks for any input on this

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