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New graphics card ati R9 280 screen remains black please help !!!


Hi there!

Motherboard Intel DP55KG AA E47218-403

i7 860 processor

8GB memory

I have a new graphics card and ATI Radeon Although the R9 280.

This brings me just after the BIOS screen is black.

Have also previously an ATI Radeon R9 270X tried (because the computer is constantly crashed me) so returned and the above ordered, now this !!!

What I've tried it all:

1. uninstall old drivers

2. BIOS update to Ver.5936

3. Power supply check (installed Enermax 600W) so sufficiently

4. Several times started new

5. About Google searched for solutions (tried everything)

Is it Bios settings? The graphics card has PCIe 3.0 standard, this board has problems with it?

Vlt. this board is just too old for the new graphics card?

Please help me !!!

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Available,

There are many things we need to test on your system in order to find out if this is a compatibility issue between the motherboard and the video card.


As per troubleshooting steps, please try this:

  1. Test a different power supply (higher if possible).
  2. Clear the CMOS by removing all components from the board (power supply, battery, hdds) for about 20-30 minutes and then reconnect them again.
  3. Disconnecting the Power supply from the board for about 20-30 minutes will clear all power from the unit and in that way we can discard any possible short or static energy
  4. Test the system out of the chassis, just in case there is something causing a grounding problem.
  5. Try installing a firmware update for the video card.
  6. Have you tried the video card in a different motherboard? Can you also try on Safe mode?

Bear in mind that the motherboard is at this point a mature product from our side and is an end of interactive support unit.

Nowadays almost all the video cards are backwards compatible with PCI technology meaning the card you have is PCIe 3.0 should be backwards compatible with PCIe 2.0.

If the issue persists, my best recommendation is to contact the card manufacture since this could be related to a compatibility issue.