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No post details on boot. DX79TO



Im finding use for a machine I built a few years ago. And an old persistent problem need your assistance.

Intel DX79TO

GeForce GT710

4 x Corsair Vengence DDR3 (16gig)

All boots fine into windows.

Problem is during boot, all I get is a blinking cursor top left of screen, no PCI list etc, most often no intel splash screen.

No option to boot in BIOS or Boot drive select.

All options are enabled in the boot.

I believe the POST is taking a lot longer than it should, older slower computer I have are a lot quicker to boot into windows.

I just upgraded my OS drive to an SSD, but same situation with old HDD also.

I have all 6 SATA slots populated.

USB keyboard and mouse.

Greatly appreciate any help. Its more of an inconvenience than anything else. The B2B button works fine.

Thank you all for your time!


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I have seen this phenomenon as well. My initial reaction is an incompatibility between the BIOS and the OP-ROM on the Graphics card. That is, the BIOS is unable to get the card into graphics mode so that it can display its normal splash screen and Function Key Menu. Now, I do know that it is perfectly normal for (a) the blank screen with flashing cursor to initially appear and (b) the more connected devices (SATA, USB, etc.) you have, the longer this blank screen will be displayed -- but you should eventually see the splash screen appear.

Whether this is an indicator of a problem (and more than just an inconvenience) is the obvious thing to think about. Just after powering on or resetting the system, will the system properly react to a function key being pressed repeatedly? That is, does pressing F2 repeatedly (eventually) get you into BIOS Setup, does pressing F7 repeatedly (eventually) get you into the BIOS Install Menu and/or does pressing F10 repeatedly (eventually) get you into the Boot Device Selection Menu? If these function keys work - and since you have already stated that it boots properly - then I would not worry about this (what I will simply call) odd startup display.

Hope this helps,