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Older Intel D945PSN Board BIOS Identification

Good day to all

I own the desktop board in caption (D945PSN), which has been "laid up" (deactivated) for some years now. It was bought as a full boxed version: Model BOXD945PSNLK, AA No. C96906-402, S/N BTSN53200901. I am trying to put it in service again, in order to build a PC, which will serve my country house needs, whenever this becomes necessary.

I intend to put an Intel Pentium D 960 (3.6 GHz) Processor on it, which also is available and idle for quite a while. By looking into Intel's List of Supported Processors for this board (]List, I can see that this processor is supported with BIOS version 0096 or greater.

However, I am not sure which BIOS version exists on my own board. I need therefore, to know how I can identify the existing BIOS version and if it becomes necessary, how I can update it with the newest one.

Thank you in advance.

Panagiotis (Peter) Melas


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Good day to all, again

I have just tried to operate this motherboard temporarily with another Intel processor (a Pentium 4, 660-3.6 GHz) and during displaying the BIOS main menu, I can read tha BIOS version is the following:

SN 94510J.86A.0044.2005.0711.1450

Apparently, this is an older BIOS version, therefore, it has to be updated with the newer one. The second part of my question it is still valid ((how I can update it).



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