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Onboard HDMI/DVI not working also can't clear CMOS


I have a DG43GT motherboard. Up to now, I have been using it with one monitor plugged into a PCI-e16 VGA card. During each boot it reports No Monitor Found. It carried on regardless, so I assumed that referred to the on-board DVI and HDMI ports. I now plugged in a second monitor via the DVI port. The other monitor, still connected to the PCI-e slot once again reported No Monitor Found, and the monitor plugged into the onboard DVI did not activate.

After trying various configurations of cables and ports, I eventually removed the PCI-e card, and told the BIOS to use the Internal Graphics. Now when the computer boots I get nothing on the monitor. This is so whether I use HDMI or DVI.

I then thought I would attempt to Clear the CMOS. Unfortunately, whenever I put jumpers on the Clear CMOS pins, the PC refuses to boot. No power at all. As soon as I pull the Clear CMOS jumper off, it boots again, but still nothing on monitors.

Any assistance gladly accepted!

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Unfortunately, this motherboard is out of support since December 2012 Desktop Boards — End of interactive support announcement � December 2012

It is important for you to know that depending on the type of add-in card installed in the PCI Express x16 connector, the HDMI port will be disabled. Same thing happened with the DVI-I port. You will be able to find additional information on the TPS.

In order to have Dual display on this board, you would need to use the HDMI and DVI-I ports, or get a video card that supports the connection for 2 monitors.

If you are going to use the onboard graphics please make sure you are using the correct graphic driver. Please choose the operating system you are using and download the latest version Download Center

Also, check if you have the latest BIOS version installed, is not please download it from the following link Download Center

Finally, this is the correct way of clearing the CMOS on Intel Motherboards datetime datetime