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PC won't Boot up


Hi, i cleaned up my PC recently. So i disconnected all connections, removed CMOS battery for 15-30minutes, changed CPU thermal paste, cleaned Ram & Video card slots etc


But after when i re-assemble & try to turn it on , the Monitor is not getting any signal & PC gives 4 beeps .



Motherboard :Intel DG31PR


Memory : DDR2 4GB


Video : Asus Geforce GT 610



Need your kind assistance . Thanks




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What was the pattern of the beeps? All sorts of things can go wrong when you take a system apart and put it back together. Some things to try are:

  1. Verify that both the ATX and ATX12V cables from the power supply are properly connected to the motherboard. At a minimum, disconnect and reconnect.
  2. Remove the processor and verify that no pins in the connector have been bent. If ok, reinstall (and repaste).
  3. Remove all DIMMs and verify no foreign matter in connectors and that no pins have been bent during cleaning. Reinstall DIMMs one at a time, testing for functionality between. That is, single DIMM in Channel A socket (and test), then single DIMM in Channel B socket (and test) and then DIMMs i both sockets (and test).
  4. Remove all PCI/PCIe cards and verify no foreign matter in connectors and that no pins have been bent during cleaning.
  5. Unplug all (non-power supply) cables (SATA, front panel USB, front panel audio, etc.) and verify no pins have been bent in each connector during cleaning.
  6. Unplug any unnecessary devices connected to the back panel (USB, audio, LAN, etc.). Keep only keyboard and mouse.
  7. Test system without reinstalling any of these cards or plugging in any of these cables. Connect monitor to back panel VGA connector and test using on-board video if you can.

Hope this helps (as a starting point)...



Thanks Scott, i'll try these & let you know


Hi, The issue was i forgot to set CMOS jumper thanks for your help.