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PC won´t boot without monitor

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I´m building a small cluster PC and and need the machines to boot without monitor. I´m having problems with this as they won´t boot unless a monitor is connected to the graphic card. Motherboard is the intel DX79TO model and graphic card is Vga Asus En210 Silent/di/1gd3/v2 LP.

I tend to believe this is related to the BIOS configuration because the same behavior (i.e. not booting without monitor) happens either when Suse Linux or Windows 7 are installed as operating systems. I have checked the BIOS set up and made some changes to the graphic configuration options but without success. Needless to say there is no obvious option related to booting the PC without monitor.

As the monitor does not need to be powered on in order for the PC to boot, I guess I could always deceive the BIOS by connecting a DVI adapter to the graphic card but this is not precisely a cheap option cos I should get one adapter for each PC on the cluster or else waste quite a lot of time booting the PC´s sequentially using the same DVI adapter.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


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Thank you for the information. If the graphics card is connected on the motherboard you should not have any inconvenience and the system should be booting to the Operating System without monitor. Please let me know the model of the Intel® Processor and the manufacturer and part number from the memory installed on the system.