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PC won't restart after Intel Chipset Device Software installation

Hello guys,

I'm a new to the forum and as you will see, I am not very techy when it comes it systems.

I recently had my Packard Bell system rebuilt; new case; new m/b (dh67cl), new i5 CPU, 8Gb Ram and 2 new Hard Drives. The components were fitted by my aftercare technicians (PC World).

I have been attempting to install the m/b drivers from the disk which came with it, but when I run the Intel Chipset Device Software installer, my PC won't reboot and complete the installation. The PC freezes (black screen, keyboard/mouse go off, PC stays on), and I have to switch it off manually. I have also downloaded a newer version of the Chipset driver and the same issue occurs.

I was also having problems with boot up speeds (over 3mins) and it only came back from the PC World repair center yesterday to repair the problem and now it takes over 2 mins to boot up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I suspect you might have a memory problem but there might be other things wrong. See if you can boot into Windows Safe Mode by pressing F8 as soon as the system powers on. If you can get into Windows try running the memory diagnostic tool by searching for it in the search field of the start menu.

If you can't load Windows try booting from the Windows CD and do a repair install. The repair install overwrites the current Windows install with a fresh install but keeps all your data files. If that fixes things up again try running the memory diagnostic tool.


Thanks for you reply, Brad, and pls excuse me for my lack of clarity.

I can boot into win7 desktop no problem, I can also install other m/b drivers manually by downloading them from the Intel website , but for some reason, when I attempt to install the Chipset Driver (which the disk installation requires before I can download the other required drivers), the PC won't automatically reboot when the installation requires it to. It just freezes and a shuts down (after about 10mins), restarts OK, but the installation fails.

I have run this Chipset Installation disk before when my old Hard Dives were working, and I had no problems, it installed fine. The issues began when the Hard Drives were replaced.

I hope that makes more sense.