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PC wont boot up


when I connect 6 pin PCIE power cabel to this Graphics card pc wont starts (just funs start working). system works fine with older radeon cards wich req 6 pin power plug. as I search in web, bios UEFI compatible problem can be with intel motherboard. (system PSU is compatible with this card) . can you offer solution ? bios update or something like that? thanks



motherboard: intel D2912-A1 (fujitsu siemens pc) .

bios v :

cpu : intel I5

graphic card: Gigabit GV-R737WF2OC-2GD (1.0) (radeon R7 370) (tested and works fine with other motherboards)




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First of all, I will start by saying that this forum is for the support of Intel's Desktop Board products; it is not for boards manufactured by other vendors. You should be asking this question of (or at the web site for) Fujitsu-Siemens.

That said, I can speculate. There are three primary possibilities for why this is happening:

  1. The power supply does not provide enough power on the PCIe cable to power this graphics card.
  2. The graphics card does not provide the support required by the BIOS to initialize it.
  3. The graphics card has expectation of the board that cannot be met (for example, PCIe support level).

Items 2 and 3 are happening more and more often these days. Motherboards this old (5 Series chipset and 1st generation Core processor are both five generations - and almost six years - out of date) supported only PCIe 2.0 and many of today's graphics cards require PCIe 3.0. As well, many of the BIOS for motherboards this old typically expected a legacy Video Op-ROM to operate properly and many new graphics boards provide only a UEFI Video Op-ROM [Hint: if your BIOS supports UEFI, you might try enabling it. I have seen this work a time or two - but understand that you will probably need to reformat your HDD and reinstall Windows in this case - and you will temporarily have to either reinstall the old graphics card or use the on-board graphics in order to enable UEFI].

Hope this helps. Again, you should (also) be asking Fujitsu-Siemens for help...