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PCI LAN card not detected on Haswell


I have a realtek PCI LAN card RTL8139C that works just fine on my Ivy bridge platform with Win7, I now moved to a new Haswell platform and my LAN card can't be detected neither on Win7 nor Win8.1.

I use a PCIe-to-PCI bridge to connect the LAN card to the Haswell platform.

Is there a known compatibility issue with this LAN card and the Haswell platform?

I use the same PCIe-to-PCI bridge card on the Ivy bridge where there is no issue.

Is there a BIOs update or rollback to workaround this issue?

I tried a few more LAN cards from different vendors and none of them work.

Is there some restriction when using PCIe-to-PCI bridges on this Haswell platform?

I already disabled the ASPM to workaround the known bug on this platforms.


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Hello EVM, it is important for me know if this is a branded or wholesale computer because if it does, you need to check directly with your computer or motherboard manufacturer in order to troubleshoot this issue and check the compatibility between the LAN card a the system.

I would like to share with you the list of tested peripherals for one of our motherboard, the DZ87KLT, This board supports Haswell processors.

This list will show you that there were some LAN cards tested on that board.


Thanks Sylvia,

It is a branded MB, I work for a technology company too and I am pretty sure that the manufacturer will tell me that his MB is not the problem, I am asking to realtek about this issue at the same time to see if they are aware of a known issue, however, I still believe the change from Ivy bridge to Haswell has something to do, because my Ivy bridge platform is from the same ODM and I've got to say that is a big very experienced ODM so they know how to build these things.

I was hoping Intel could give useful information to workaround this issue.



Please correct me if I'm wrong: I'm quite sure, that some series 7 chipsets still have native PCI support. All series 8 chipsets have PCI support only via a PCIe to PCI bridge. And I not convinced that they will work with old fashioned PCI 2.2 cards like the RTL8139.

- What kind of series 7 board did you used, with which chipset?

- Why are you using such a crappy network adapter? The only reason I can imagine, is an old OS with not other drivers supported. For any other case I think that a PCIe Ethernet adapter (with Intel chip ;-) ) or a PCI 2.3 supporting LAN adapter would be the better solution.