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PCI Slot Problem


I just bought and installed a DH67BL board. 8 GB ram, with 2 TB of HDD. The system seems to be very nice so far, except for one problem: when I put a PCI card in the slot, the system will not come up. I get the splash screen, but cannot enter the BIOS menu, then the screen goes black except for a blinking cursor in the upper left corner of the screen. Vista never loads. Not that it matters, but I'm running Vista 32 bit. I noticed that the BIOS upgrades on the download portion of this site seem to be geared for System 7. So, I have two questions: 1. Does the PCI slot work? 2. Are there any BIOS updates that are pertinent to Vista? I will be upgrading to System 7 in October, but until then I sit with a useless PCI card, and corresponding lost functionality.

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Community Manager

Hello Dan,


I understand that you are inquiring if the PCI slot is working on your motherboard and if the BIOS updates are only for Windows* 7 operating system.


In regards to your inquires, I can confirm that the blinking cursor that you are receiving means that a device connected to the motherboard is not properly recognized. This also means that the PCI port is working, but to confirm you should test with a different card on that slot as it may be a compatibility problem between the motherboard and the card.


In regards to your second question, the BIOS is operating system independent meaning that the BIOS update can be performed even outside of the operating system via recovery method, F7 or ISO.


You can find the instructions on how to update your BIOS at the following web site:






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