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PSU won't turn on (D925XECV2)

Hi all,

I have an old PC with a D925XECV2 motherboard. But I have an issue regarding turning on the PSU.

When I press the "turn on" switch nothing happens. I have tried shorting the pins on the motherboard, but with no success, so I don't think the switch itself is defective. I have also tried to short the PSU_ON pin (Green wire, pin 14) on the PSU to ground and then it runs perfectly. If I keep PSU_ON shorted the PC is able to boot and run perfectly.

I suspect that the issue is related to the power on/off circuitry on the motherboard. But does anyone know what to look for and which component to change?

Thanks in advance,


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CGR, if the issue is related to a component in the motherboard itself, you would need to replace the whole unit. However, since this motherboard is a very mature product, I think it is not longer under warranty. I'm sorry.

You may want to try the system out of the chassis just to make sure there isn't a grounding problem.

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