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''Please Help Stuck at Intel Logo with 5A ''

Hi.. I am using an Intel D945PLNM Motheboard And I have Win 7 Installed on my Ide hard drive and i use my Sata because it has all of my personal files and games on it plus it is 500 gigs bigger.. I have a NVIDIA GT 9600 and It runs perfect , but I recently aquired a MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 and decided to try it knowingly it needs more power ...etc.. but I have a Cooler Master 800 power supply..and thought oh well what the hell I tried it and it Came on ( as I was waiting for the board to melt.. Lol )but stuck at the Intel Logo with 5a (the Sata Code ) .. So I removed the Sata HD and the card started booting fine with the Master Ide .... SO before I start experimenting further .. with the Cmos Jumper and other thoughts I was hoping if anyone out there might know of a fix for this I was thinking it might be the Bios Boot up..was set for first .... but it is configured right for the Ide as Master .. so im stumped .. I know buy a better Motherboard.. But Thats another paYcheck away... long away Thank you for Reading this....
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The options I could think of right now, with no specific order, are:

  • Reset BIOS settings to default / Clear CMOS.
  • Update the BIOS.
  • Replace the motherboard due to a possible compatibility issue.