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Please I really need help. Intel LGA1366/Intel X58/DDR3/CrossFir...



Hope someone can help me I have this motherboard Intel LGA1366/Intel X58/DDR3/CrossFir...

I have an I7 Processor. 1100 Corsair Power Supply. 8GB Video Card and I have this ram Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3...

Does the Ram compatible with this motherboard? Reason I;m asking is because I build my PC and fans spins and everything but it says no Video Input, please I need help.

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This Ram should work just fine.

Try the following troubleshooting:

Test the board with just the processor and the power supply, no memory and no video card should be installed. See if you get any beeps, you should get 3 beeps at this point indicating no memory. If you get no beeps this could mean that any of those components may not be working.

If you do get the 3 beeps, then try with just one memory stick and no video card, if everything works properly you should get 2 Beeps from the board indicating no video card.

Lastly add the video card, if you get no beeps at this point and still no video than you should try another video card.

You can give me the model of the processor and video card as well.