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Populating Asset Tag Information

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OK, so as I understand it, I can use the Intel Integrator Toolkit and/or Assistant to enter asset tags, but I can't seem to find much information on what I'm doing wrong.

I would like to update the BIOS with my preferred settings. I have figured out how to create a custom BIO file, but I can't figure out how to do the asset part.

I used the ITK to create my custom bio file and as far as I can tell, setup the custom ini file, but on the DQ35JO I have a I get an error about the board not supporting no reboot.

Can anyone point me ion the right direction? I would eventually like to do out newer boards (DQ47s through DQ77s) but these are the primary ones I'm working with right now.

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Hello sflesch, the Intel(R) Integrator Toolkit will allow you to fill up this information.


First please make sue that your motherboard is running the latest BIOS version and that it matches the BIOS file that you are downloading for the Intel(R) Integrator Toolkit.

Then if you are changing the splash screen, try first to change all the settings and try the update like that, if it works then you can do another bio file that has a different image.


In the release notes that you can find on the download for the Intel(R) Integrator Toolkit you will have additional tips and restrictions.



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The "instructions" that come with it (and the Assistant) are fairly vague. I ran the kit and created a DOS based upgrade. I copied all the files and ran the batch file. I got an error that my board doesn't support non-reboot flash. Nothing in the support that indicates what that means. I looked at the help for itoolkit and there is a -reboot flag, so I manually typed everything with that flag and, while it updated, it didn't use my custom settings.

The other issue I am running into is, if I just want to leave the BIOS version (maybe I already have the newest), I can't seem to apply just the asset tag info.

Could you point me to the places in the documentation where it gives me the error and tells me why it didn't take my changes and why, when I try to apply an asset tag, I get "Identical BIOS" error and it won't apply the BIOS?