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Pressing the F2 Bios key on bootup doesn't work on my desktop board dh57dd

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Is there another way to enter the bios on this board or to launch the F10 Boot Disk option? I want to reinstall the operating system on the board but an unable to access either of the boards options.

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Sure it does; you likely aren't doing it properly. After powering on (or resetting), immediately (I mean immediately; don't wait for BIOS to display anything) begin hitting the F2 key rapidly over and over and over (i.e. don't just press and hold the F2 key; this doesn't work).

If you want to force it into BIOS Setup, you can do so by (with system powered off) moving the BIOS configuration jumper from the 1-2 pins to the 2-3 pins. This will cause the system to come up in Maintenance Mode.

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