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Problem adding new hardware



I have an Intel DG33FB mother board which is working perfectly fine till now. The problem came when tried to add 2 new hardware on it.


1- I tried to add a SATA DVD writerbeside my SATA hard drive system started giving problems.. It stucks at the first screen of boot with the option of F2 to go into setup. In the setup the dvd drive is present everything is normal but when i exit from the setup system stucks at the start up screen while the hard disk LED is continuesly lit.


sometimes after waitng of 5 to 6 mins it boots and sometimes not


when it boots the dvd rom works fine

2- I added a Wifi card in the pc it detects it and installs it alongwith the configuration software but the configuration software fails to start. when i try to run the software it simply doesnt start without giving any error.

The details of my hardware is as follows


Intel DG33FB desktop motherboard


Intel Core 2 duo processor 6300 @1.86GHz


Kingston 2 GB ram


Segate SATA 160 GB harda drive

The New hardware giving problem


1- Zyxel G302 V3 wifi card


2- TSST Corp TS-H653H DVD Writer
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Check the boot device order.Make sure to set the boot device to your hard drive.See if that helps.