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Problem with Intel Edison board


Hello dear community!

I want to connect and use my Intel Edison board with node.js, also I instal "npm install galileo-io johnny-five" and "npm install node-red-node-intel-gpio". All drivers and software I install thanks to Intel Edison Board Configuration tool. (I`m newbie, so if I misunderstood something, I'll be grateful for your comments) So I have two problems:

1) To check my board I`ll also install Putty. As serial line I choose serial from Device Managed (COM5). Write speed 115200 (another speed trying too), and in result I have only black screen without anything. Pressed Enter, write another speed,- nothing.

2) After running node-red - I have a lot warnings.

20 Aug 13:26:20 - [info] [nodebot:Edison] error loading io class

20 Aug 13:26:20 - [info] Started flows

20 Aug 13:26:20 - [warn] [gpio in:Intel Edison] TypeError: Cannot read property 'getPlatformType' of undefined

20 Aug 13:26:20 - [info] Server now running at

20 Aug 13:27:37 - [info] Stopping flows

20 Aug 13:27:37 - [info] Stopped flows

20 Aug 13:27:37 - [info] Starting flows

20 Aug 13:27:37 - [info] [nodebot:Edison] error loading io class

20 Aug 13:27:37 - [info] Started flows

20 Aug 13:27:37 - [warn] [gpio in:Intel Edison] TypeError: Cannot read property 'getPlatformType' of undefined

I`ll be grateful if someone can helps me to take the path of truth:)

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