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Problems with DZ77RE-75K


Hello there,

I was wondering if you guys could help me, I configured a new computer with these configurations below:

MotherBoard: DZ77RE-75K

Processor: intel core i7 2600

Memory: 3 DIMM DDR 3 1333 4GB

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Graphic card: Point of view Geforce GT630 2GB DDR3

Font: Mymax 420W

When I have finally configured everything I installed windows 7 Home basic 64bits and then the nightmare has began!

The BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH has appeared! And than it becomes to appear any time!

First of all I have tried with other kinds of windows 7, but the problems were still happening.

I tried to install windows 8 and the same problems happened

After that I started changing some hardware.

I tried to use the windows without the graphic card, I tried to use directly by the HDMI motherboard port, but the blue screen happened once more.

I tried to clean the memories, the graphic card, and also change the memory, but nothing changed.

I tried to use the windows with another font (500W), but the same problems happened

I also tried to install the motherboards drivers and the graphic card drivers, but some times the blue screen appeared and interrupted everything.

I have a picture of the Blue Screen of Death.

I don't know WHAT to DO ANYMORE!

Please help me! Is it a problem with my motherboard and processor?

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Random blue screens of death (BSOD) are usually memory related,

I recommend you remove all of the memory and then try the machine with only one module installed at a time. If you have the Windows 7 installation media you can run the memory test routine from the setup menu against each module individually, and assuming no problem is found, again with all three modules installed.

If the memory checks good the next thing I would try is to replace the power supply. The capacity of the unit you have is probably adequate, but it may not be delivering rated output for some reason.


Luiz_Fileto, I was checking the power supply you are using and the minimum recommended power supply for this motherboard is 460 W.

I would recommend you perform some basic troubleshooting in order to find out what is causing the BSOD, but it will be a good idea to change the power supply for a bigger one.


- Test the system out of the chassis, minimal configuration please. (Motherboard, processor, power supply) No memory. It should give you 3 beeps.

- Add 1 memory stick on DIMM # 1.

- Remove the CMOS battery and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system. datetime Desktop Boards — Troubleshooting BIOS issues

-Test a different a different memory stick on DIMM # 1.


If you are able to access the BIOS, please check which BIOS version is installed. Check if you need to update it.