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Question : Is Vendor ID: 0x8086) hard- or soft ware. Is it possible to get a "NUC" meeting the demands ?


We sell Beckhoff industrial systems but also for Home/Building aut.

The system demands Vendor ID: 0x8086) and has a long list on

I now use NUC 7i3 BNH but the controller does not meet the demands. 

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Vendor Ids are assigned by the PCI SIG. Vendor Id 0x8086 is assigned to Intel. The Vendor Id is stored in the silicon and cannot be changed.


The NUC7i3BNH utilizes the i219-V component, which has PCI Identifier "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15D8&SUBSYS_20688086&REV_21\3&11583659&2&FE" (i.e. is an Intel product with Vendor Id 0x8086 and Device Id 0x15D8). This component is a standard Intel PHY device that, in combination with the MAC device built into the Chipset, forms a complete Gigabit Ethernet networking solution.


I looked at Beckhoff's "demanded" list of Device Ids. It is woefully - in fact, years - out of date. Most of the devices listed have already been discontinued by Intel, some in fact for a significant number of years.



Dear Scott Many Thanks for your detailed information ! I think I understand now why it's woefully :-) Beckhoff real time system EtherCAT is widely used in the industrial market "Beckhoff" or rather EtherCAT suppliers probably do not want the customers to use " standard PC's " I now think my Nuc nic will work perfectly although the system says " It can only be used for demo purposes". Many thanks again. Bjorn