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Question for desktop mother board D865GLC

I just purchased a used D865GLC mother board. I mounted it in the case. I hooked up the power supply to it only the 20 pin plug and the cpu 4 pin connector. No other wires are attached. When I plug the power cord into the wall outlet, the fan on the cpu starts up and it sounds like it's booting up. Should this be happening? I did'nt expect anything to start up. I don't even have the front panel wires hooked up. Could there be something in the setup that needs to be set up? Sincerely Mikel

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Re: Question for desktop mother board D865GLC

It sounds like something is shorting the "on" jumper. Make sure there isn't a screw or

other piece of metal wedged behind the motherboard. Try hooking it up outside the case, resting it

on a piece of cardboard. Does it still turn on by itself? If not, it was probably a short inside the case.

If it still turns on:

It might also be a bad power supply. Try a different one.

While it's out of the case, hook up the video see what it says - any error msgs?

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Re: Question for desktop mother board D865GLC

Thank you MisterIT for trying to help me fix my board. I did everything you said to do. Nothing changed.

I had to move a jumper so I could go into bios setup. There was a setting under POWER that needed to be changed.

It was called: (After Power Failure) it was set at Last State and it needed to be set to Stay Off. All of what you said were

good possabilities. Thank you very much again MisterIT.


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