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R9 280x and DP67BG. Are there any solutions? Please help!


I have a Intel DP67BG motherboard. Just purchased a lovely new Radeon R9 280x with the last of my savings.

My current card is the HD6950. Took it out and replaced it with the R9 280x. Upon boot I get a quick bios screen flash as per usual, but then the screen goes black, with only a 0_ at the bottom right of the screen. The weird thing is I can hear windows booting up and everything, even connecting to our wireless network etc.

HAve done some googling and it seems that this particular motherboard isn't compatible with the newer graphics cards. This is really really bad news for me as I have no more budget to change motherboards.

ARe ther any solutions? Please help!!


Here's an example of another person with this problem. But not sure if he could solve it or not:


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Ok it is a bit late but here is the solution:

Your card is working fine but your OS needs to run the driver in order to that. Find another graphics card and install it on second port then install AMD Display Driver and reboot your computer the screen will remain black till log on screen(OS only runs graphic drivers after the boot sequence) and there you have it.

Another trick if your still not shows anything on bios you can choose which graphic card runs first choose the temporary one(the one in the second port) and you are good to go.

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Thank you Tanerimu for that information you have kindly provided.

Daniel2caleb3 did the information provided by Tanerimu solved your problem?

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