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RAID 1 Question

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Motherboard - ASUS P9X79 Deluxe (Intel X79 Chipset)

Up until yesterday, I was successfully running a RAID 1 array (Drive 0 mirrored on Drive 1, both WD 2TB (black caviar drives)). I ran the RAID array on the Intel 6Gb/s SATA ports and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology (ROM) control.

Yesterday, following a BIOS reset, the SATA configuration was reset to ACHI (the default). I do not see any problem with the data on Drive 0.

I would like to re-establish the RAID 1 mirroring but note that prior to creating the RAID Volume, I am warned that ALL DATA THE SELECTED DRIVES WILL BE LOST. While I don't mind loss of data on the "mirroring Drive 1, I do not want to have reinstall the OS and myriad of applications and patches on the "mirrored" Drive 0. QUESTION: Is there any way to RE-ESTABLISH the RAID 1 volume WITHOUT losing the DATA on the mirrored drive (Drive 0)?


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Hello Scott,


I understand that you want to know if there is a way to rebuild the array without loosing the data on your second hard drive.


In regards to your inquire, the rebuild process will require to rebuild one hard drive in to another, meaning that the information will indeed be lost on the second hard drive.


Now please keep in mind that this forum is for Intel(R) motherboards as customizations made to your RAID controller can modify the outcome of any troubleshooting here recommended.


As an advice, boot to the operating system and run the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology console and create a new RAID and make sure that you check the option to keep the information from the existing volume, this will copy all the information from the booting drive to the second one and create a new RAID volume.