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Raid-0 rebuilded in raid-1



I had two Raid-0 disks set by built-in Raid controller on a motherboard (Asus P5W-DH with Asus EZ Backup = Intel matrix storage).  I've changed my motherboard and forgot that my disk was in raid-0.  With the other motherboard, Intel matrix storage tell me "rebuild" state in the bios, but in raid-1!  In windows I have lunch the intel rapid strorage software.  The rebuild have progressed to 100%, after I was invited to do a initialization and a verify, what I did...  So now my disks are in RAW mode.

So I want to know what the rebuild and a initialization process did to my disks ?  Is my disks have the same data now or I have a little hope that only the library was faulty ?

I used some recovery software, I can see my wanted files, but everytime the files are corrupted.

Thx for your help!  Sorry for my poor english!

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This forum is for the support of Intel's Desktop Board products; you should have posted it in the support forum for Intel RST.

My first comment is: Never rely on arrays surviving the move from one system to another - especially if generational change in chipset. Always, always transfer content to physical drives for moves like this.

My second comment is: Always maintain a backup of the contents of *ANY* RAID array. Sh1t happens.

My third comment is: RAID1 rebuild with RAID0 disks will likely have disastrous consequences, in theory overwriting the data stripes on the second drive with the stripes on the first drive. I am sorry, but you've likely lost everything on the array. 

My fourth comment is: This is the bizarrest RST problem that I have heard of yet.

Sorry again,