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Recurring video error in DZ68BC desktop board


I have an Intel DZ68BC motherboard. Recently, it had some problem, so I sent it to Intel's service centre and got it replaced with one with same model no. and AA no. Then, I connected all components and got it started.

I had to re-install everything, so I installed Windows 7 and everything was working smooth.

Then suddenly, when I wanted to start my computer, I got a video error. There were two beeps (until the computer was turned off) and no video, although the keyboard light(s) were on.

I performed a recovery BIOS upgrade (with the same BIOS which was installed, 0039) and the computer got running again.

But after one or two restarts, the same video error problem came up. It is recurring, after a couple of restarts and is only rectifiable with a recovery BIOS upgrade.

I am using a Core i5 3570K processor (3rd gen.) using on-board graphics. I have no add-in cards and I am sure that all RAM modules are 100% okay.

Although, after the replacement of the motherboard, my Seagate 1 TB HDD had an error (continuous clicking sound and sometimes unrecognisable even in the BIOS) which was solved using bootable SeaTools For DOS software after so advised by a Seagate customer care agent. Since then, the HDD has been working completely normal; now always recognisable and Windows 7 and other things could be installed.

Could anybody please tell why this is happening? Please cite any and all possibilities.

Can the processor or it's overheating be, in any way, causing this problem? Will removing and re-applying the thermal paste solve the problem?

The desktop board's warranty is about to expire in a couple of months, so I am really worried.

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Hello Abhijit_Das,

Based on your description, it seems the problem may be a compatibility issue. Would it be possible to test another processor (2nd generation) with this motherboard?

I do not think the overheating is causing this problem (unless it is extremely high) but a compatibility issue.

My recommendation is to contact our support center for further assistance on this issue:

Kevin m