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Regarding changing motherboard



I had an Intel DG41TY motherboard which went bad. I am planning to replace it with Gigabyte G41 motherboard. If I simply plug in the new motherboard with other components (viz. HDD, RAM and power supply), will the system start working and show the OS on the screen? I am asking so as the chipset is basically the same (G41). Or do I have to format the HDD and install fresh OS in it? BTW I have a dual boot system - Ubuntu + Win 7.

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Arvind Gupta

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Commenting on Windows 7 only, if the G41 motherboard has the G41 chipset (which it looks like it does), and your other components are usable/compatible, windows 7 is likely to boot just fine. You may see some drivers being installed, and you may need to restart a couple of times.

After the reboots are done, I would apply the chipset INF from Gigabyte for this board.

And, you may have to re-validate the OS key.

Have a backup of your data, just in case.

As for ubuntu, I have no idea.