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Requesting help Identifying 1990's Motherboard

Hello all,

I recently received some old PC hardware. One of the intact computers has a motherboard with a Pentium Overdrive processor. I have the memory for it, the power supply, a network card, the hard drive that was in it, and a floppy drive that was with it. I would like to get it up and running. However there is no place to hook up a monitor, so I was wondering if it is possible to use one of the serial ports to connect to my desktop to use as a virtual terminal. When I went to look at the motherboard, I couldn't find any serial/product/model numbers to help my search. There is a spot on the motherboard labeled S/N, and to the right is a long strip of white, but no numbers, I can't even find a manufacturers label on the motherboard itself. There are also several spots where microchips look like they go, and they simply are not there.

I have a few questions:

Is is possible to do what I described about using a virtual terminal on my desktop through the serial port?

Any idea what brand/type/model the board is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time.

Here are a few pictures:

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Man that is a old board . If you wanted to you could get a cheap PCI graphics card and use that for your Video. Just to see if it will run .