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I have a similar problem with this topic: /thread/16452

I recently bought a Gigabyte board (12CR1-1SPOUT-02R) to connect my headset and I can not get sound

I compared the pins with the motherboard (DG31PR) and if the installation was all right, but got no solution

In BIOS found appended the option to enable the front panel

I'll leave some information of what I'm using:

O.S.:Windows XP SP3 (I tried to use with Ubuntu and now I'm testing on Windows Seven)

Model Motherboard: Intel DG31PR (with processor E5400)

Audio Codec: ALC888 (driver informed audio)

Audio Player: KMPlayer (also tested with Media Player and Media Player Classic)




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If you are looking for troubleshooting on the Intel Desktop Board DG31PR, we would like to inform you that the motherboard has been discontinued and the support we offer is through the website only, now as an additional recommendation please update your motherboard BIOS to the latest version, check the Operating System audio settings, check the header pin out on the Technical Product Specification and if the issue persists check for warranty on the motherboard: Support for the Intel® Desktop Board DG31PR

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Sorry if I'm posting wrong, but it was the only way I found to try to solve the problem.

Recently (about 2 days ago) tried updating the BIOS to see if I'd find any option to enable SPDIF, but still with the same option (for peripherals) to Enable / Disable the onboard audio or frontal audio

I realized that installing audio driver in Windows seven, the SPDIF option disappears

According to the motherboard manual configuration pins are right, and I could not identify if there is a jumper to connect

About a guarantee for a product of the year 2007 (according to the manual online), think no more warranty