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SATA native mode unavailable for UEFI boot?

I had tried to install Windows 7 X64 via UEFI boot on my DH55TC board but failed. After 'Press any key to boot from CD/DVD' prompt the computer hangs up. After several tries, I foudn that the SATA controller must be set to legacy mode instead of native mode. But native mode lacks the benefit of NCQ and hot-plug from AHCI. It is said that, in the P35/G33 age, SATA/AHCI drivers were stripped off UEFI due to firmware size limit. But 5 family has very large firmware, why still not?

Is it possible that Intel would add SATA/AHCI driver into UEFI boot for 5 family boards in a later time? Or, just being disappointed and waiting for 6 family boards?

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