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SOX5810J.86A.5599.EB.EXE Bios Update flagged as malicious by Comodo

Hello all,

I am trying to update my bios on my DX58SO motherboard with the file SOX5810J.86A.5599.EB.EXE downloaded from the support forums on Intels own website.

However, my Comodo Defense+ software flags it as extremely malicious and urges me to block the application from runnig - see included image.

Does anyone have any advice to give on this? Should I run the program anyway?

Thank you in advance.

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New Contributor III

The update program will flash your BIOS. Often virus scanners can see dangerous API calls and will give you this warning.

If you want to be safe you can use a online virus scanner as a second check.

An alternative is to download the .BIO file and use the F7 upload mechanism.

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Always when installing drivers, or any kind of program that integrates with the OS you should always disable your Antivirus and anti-spyware programs. You should make sure that they are totally disabled.

After all, you are downloading the file from the Intel's own website.

No to mention that when updating a BIOS with an anti-virus active you might brick your Motherboard.

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Thanks guys.


I ignored the warning and ran the the update in Windows, got an error message saying that it could not run the bios setup file, but found the file deep into my User/AppData/Local folder and ran it manually. Bios update went ok, but got Blue screen at Windows startup. Windows went in to recovery mode and fixed the issue somehow. Can see from the Bios setting that it has been upgraded, and hope that all is working well. But there are some lessons to be learned though. Thanks for the answers!
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Did you disable ALL the security software on your PC "i.e. Win. defender, Antivirus, etc.." before running the BIOS update file??

Boot into your BIOS make sure that it has been updated. After that go for an online scurity Check, "e.g. Trend Micro House Call". Make sure you disable your AV while running another Online security Scanner.

Word of advice:

  1. Don't update the BIOS just for the sake of it. Go to the release info & check if it solves any issues you have. Otherwise there is no need for an updated BIOS.
  2. Before going to the online scanners empty all temp files.

If you need a step by step tell me & I'll post it.

Community Manager

I didn't disable Windows Defender, kind of hard actually, need to do it via the process tree. Perhaps that was the reason why it didn't go 100% according to plan.

But bios seems updated and so far no problems. However it did not solve the problems that I was looking to solve with a BIOS update unfortunately, but that is for a different board.

Thanks again.