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SSD to PCH Sata port or to Marvel controller on DZ77RE-75K MoBd?

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I have a new Intel 520 series 240 gb SSD that I wish to install this weekend, into a Intel DZ77RE-75K Motherboard. I have a choice of two types of Sata ports on the motherboard:

1. on the motherboard, 6.0 gb/s interface through a Marvel 88SE9172 controller


2. on the motherboard, 6.0 gb/s interface through the Intel Z77 chipset(PCH-platform controller hub), which

allows Intel Rapid Storage Technology with Raid.

I do not plan to use Raid. I use two 4 gb Corsair Vengeance ram memory. I do not overclock. I am a pretty basic user of applications like Photoshop CS5, Office 2013 suite, and others. I have 3 gb/s interfaces also on this mobd, which I will use for slower peripherals, such as the DVD drive that I have into a 3 gb/s header. I use WIndows 7(64 bit).

I am thinking that option 2 above is best which allows the Intel Rapid Storage features.

I am not sure and am totally new to the SSD world. I do have two mechanical HDDs, Seagate Barracuda 7200 rmp of 1 TB and older Samsung 160 gb HD, that I plan to continue using as storage, and have 3 external HDDs. I have backups and use Acronis for the backups.

Any advice to properly install the SSD into the most efficient and fastest speed choice on the Intel motherboard, would be appreciated.

Thank you, Debra

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